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A year of filmmaking for its own sake...

Last September, I challenged myself to take and post at least one photo everyday for a year or more; the goal was to build some creative momentum photographically (and it has worked - you can check out that project here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/184326011@N03/). Working as a photographic and video content creator is seriously great and it has left me wanting even more creatively.

So I challenged myself again, early in January 2020, to plan, write, prep, shoot, edit, colour, soundtrack, and publish a "super short film" (30 seconds - 3 minutes) every month this year, to be carried out in addition to my commercial work; the idea is similar to my photo-a-day challenge, but the nature of this challenge is ultimately going to be collaborative. This month I've spent some free time talking to potential collaborators in my network and forming a core crew of creatives for this project's future outputs.

This planning and networking didn't leave a lot of time to create January's film. So I shot this: my first ever visual essay. It is a visual essay about the work involved in making this very first visual essay. The act of creating is both shown as process and processed here. Ultimately, it is a collection of lapses of me working and then working on the essay as the film unfolds - as I am creating it - onscreen. Structurally, it is about bringing something out of nothing (as insignificant as that something may be this month).

I also utilized this project to experiment with shooting and grading in Fuji-LOG at high ISO to test whether it would be a feasible low-light option for future projects (I knew this was a bad combination but wanted to see how bad the result really was). With a few hot pixels and artifacts visible, I don't think I will shoot in F-LOG in these conditions again.

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Click the video to watch Super Short Film 1/12.


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